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Dub Step Is The Future


Image by wallsave.com

Image by wallsave.com


I remember the first time I listened to dub step, it was so weird, uncommon and creepy. I didn’t like it at first but as time went by, I started to really listening to it and then I got hooked. Dub step is the future, it is so original; it was so unfamiliar to my ears like something I have never heard before.

Dub step is originated in the United Kingdom in the late 90s in England. It is a genre of electronic dance, if you like music such as drum and bass, reggae or broken beat, you would most probably like dub step. Dub step where we are heading, a lot of people are unaware of this music genre, the music we are exposed to in the media, is so narrow minded, it all sounds the same. Dub step is really popular in Europe especially in the UK, but in South Africa is not that popular yet but I think we are getting there.

I have been listening to artists such as Synkro, Congi and  Manchester based dub step artist Biome who is really popular in his own right as being one of the best when it comes to dub step. His music is really good and refreshing, it is very deep, it takes you to another world, you get lost on the music, and you feel it with every inch of your body. Dub step is being integrated with a lot of music we listen to today such as kwaito (yes, kwaito), reggae, rock and even hip hop like songs such as Wild for the night by A$ap Rocky featuring dub step artist Skrillex and one of my favorite songs by Skrillex is Make It Burn Dem featuring reggae artist Damien Marley, killa track I tell you.

So lets give Dub Step a chance, it is so unusual, yet so good!


For more Dub step visit music, you can visit soundclound.com to listen and download from Biome, Congi, Synkro and many more dub step artists. Enjoy 🙂


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